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Pit Vehicle
Rapid Response
Our hospitality vehicles are designed with the paddock teams in mind.

They include different areas adapted to the end user needs, from workshop areas to sleeping quarters or even office spaces. They are all designed in order to offer the highest levels of comfort and efficiency in both work and rest areas.

The vehicles are equipped with elevation platforms, benches, lighting and electrical sockets, compressed air, lavatories, TV, Hi-Fi, SAT and internet installations.
Some projects manufactured by Rioja Singular Vehicles

Paddock I

This vehicle has been designed for the team's time in the paddock during competition. This model, although being in the market for some years has two office areas, a kitchen, lavatories and sleeping quarters. Equipped with high tech doors, TV, Hi-Fi, DAT, automatic lighting and air conditioning.
Paddock I
Paddock II - Zona reuniones y descanso
Paddock III - Detalle zona ocio / descanso
Paddock IV
Paddock V

Paddock II

Designed and built as an advanced driving school and highway awareness course facility. It has two fully equipped offices with a kitchen, lavatories and sleeping quarters. The vehicle is also equipped with high tech doors and has TV, Hi-Fi, DAT, automatic lighting and air conditioning.
Hospitality Paddock II
Interior Hospitality
Interior 2 Hospitality
Hospitality  fitted out as classroom


Vehicle designed to stay as an office in paddock.
To achieve this objective the vehicles are equipped with the latest technology, computers, WiFi, air conditioning, bathroom, sound HiFi, etc.
Dorna Hospitality 1
Dorna Hospitality 2
Dorna Hospitality 3
Dorna Hospitality 4
 Dorna Hospitality 5
 Dorna Hospitality 6
 Dorna Hospitality 7
 Dorna Hospitality 8
 Dorna Hospitality 9
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