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The company

Rioja Singular Vehicles was founded in 1860 by Blas Emilio Rioja, who started a workshop that manufactured the first agricultural vehicles. With headquarters in Santo Domingo de La Calzada, La Rioja, the company increased its product portfolio to encompass more functional and technically complex vehicles, up until 1940 when, already working with the second family generation, they decided to look to broaden their market by producing the first residential coach which was bought by a travelling fair company.

This was a turning point for them, and has turned the company into what it is today. Years of hard work has turned Rioja Singular Vehicles into a company which specialises in the production of a special type of vehicle, developed for many different requirements: residential, hospitality, trade shows, classrooms, operations posts etc, all made to measure for each client.

Today, one hundred and fifty years later, along with the fifth generation of the family now running the business, Rioja Singular Vehicles is strongly committed to quality, applying the most innovative technological solutions, using the highest quality manufacturing materials, designing the latest design innovative living areas and offering a flexible level of service which adapts completely to the needs of each client.

Rioja Singular Vehicles boasts a highly qualified and very experienced team, capable of skilfully going through each manufacturing process with a quality guarantee in order to offer our clients safe, functional and fully guaranteed products.
The company
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