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Project Design and Development
Project Design and Development
Each project is unique and in the majority of cases it requires us to start from zero, designing the living areas and specifically developing the plans for every feature of the caravan, with the flexibility of a completely made to measure project.

Each phase of the project development is a delicate one and requires a great deal of client input, including the requirements for the living areas and their use, material type and quality and the end functional requirements of the vehicle, which form the pillars of the manufacturing process.

Rioja Singular Vehicles works with a protocol which allows the client to participate freely in this phase of the project, albeit from a distance, providing requirements, ideas and thoughts on the project.
Vehicle production
Vehicle production
All our vehicles are manufactured based on four main pillars: quality, durability, ergonomic quality and design. The manufacturing process, even with all the technological advances that the factory has, is done completely by hand and requires a team of professionals that are highly qualified in specific fields (engineering, metalwork, mechanical and automated processes, technical set up).

This integral manufacturing process is carried out by Rioja Singular Vehicles following strict quality control guidelines. The materials that we work with are fully tested to the highest standards, in order to achieve a higher standard of practicality and durability.

We have a multi-disciplined team, which provides us with the self-sufficiency needed to guarantee excellent results along with meeting client delivery dates.
Maintenances et réparations
Maintenances et réparations
Our vehicles, as like any mechanical, electronic or hydraulic equipment does require a minimum amount of maintenance in order to stay in good working order. Our workshop offers every type of service which will allow the vehicle to stay in optimal condition with the passing of time.

We offer a maintenance service, chassis and bodywork repairs, or supplementary services such as electrical, automation, electronic, water and air conditioning installations as well as audiovisual system installations. Keep your vehicle like new with Rioja Singular Vehicles.

In addition, for vehicles manufactured some time ago, we offer a restyling service providing refurbishments with the latest interior design or installation of new technological advances.
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